Senior Softball

About Payson Cougars Senior Softball


The Payson Cougars Senior Softball Team consists of players 60 years or older who enjoy playing the game of slow pitch softball. While previous experience is not required, most team members played ball when they were younger.

Practices are held in Rumsey Park (click here for a map of Rumsey Park), year round, weather permitting. See our current practice schedule and location here. The team participates in a year round Senior Softball League with games played weekly in Fountain Hills during the cooler months and in Payson during the hotter summer months. See our current game schedule here. How often a person plays is up to the individual.


Senior softball is slightly modified from traditional softball so all skill levels can play safely. For example:

  • There are two bases at first base, the traditional one used by the fielder and an adjoining one, in foul territory that is for the runner. This reduces the risk of collisions at first base.

  • Runs are scored by crossing a line even with home plate so that runners can score without risking a collision with the catcher.

  • There is a screen in front of the pitching mound that the pitcher can duck behind if there is a screaming line drive hit their way.These measures help to minimize the risk of injury while preserving the more enjoyable aspects of the game. So, if you want to get some exercise, have a little fun playing a kids game in your retirement years and want to meet some people who have similar interests, come on out.

Team Leadership

The Payson Cougars are run by a board consisting of the General Manager and several members of the team. The General Manager provides the organizational leadership, while the Board provides a feedback mechanism ensuring that decisions made by team leadership reflects the general consensus of team members. Typically, team decisions are made by a majority vote of the Board.

Currently, Lou Felix is the General Manager of the Payson Cougars. Use contact link in the menu above to get in touch with us. Members of the Board of Directors are:

Gordon Gartner
James McConnell
Marty Fabritz
Jay Larson
Rich Huber
Lou Felix

Webmaster: Bill Brandt